Truong Cuu Gridle cake village

Wednesday - 24/05/2017 04:44
Truong Cuu Gridle cake village

Truong Cuu Gridle cake village located at Truong Cuu hamlet, Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon town, far away Quy Nhon city about 30km to the northwest. Truong Cuu produces the most gridle cake, known as Truong Cuu gridle cake village. Gridle cake is not white, thin as common kind in market. It is thick, back or yellow depending on the type of sesame adding to the cake.

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According to the elders in town, Truong Cuu gridle cake village was formed from hundreds of years ago. At that time, this place only a dozen rooftops baking, but has provided for commune, town. Good reputation, so far, mentioning to Truong Cuu, people think about... the girdle cake. Truong Cuu Girdle cake from past to present made of flexible scented rice, favored by consumers. To be coated delicious cake, the most important factor is to select good rice. For flexible bread, scented, not friable, add one part flour to sprinkled more flour and sesame. When pour flour onto the mold, shake hand to wheel round and round, no thick or thin place.

Phơi Banh Trang

Coming to Binh Dinh, visiting Truong Cuu gridle cake, tourists get exciting experience on steps making cake extremely meticulous.

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