13 Thanh pho Qui Nhon    Anh Dao Tien Dat(1)

Accommodation facility at Quy Nhon

  •   24/05/2017 05:25:00 AM
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Tourist Companies

  •   12/06/2017 10:55:00 AM
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Tourist Companies

Travel Companies List - updated to May 2017



  •   21/06/2017 08:41:00 AM
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Hinh 11 Anh Nhi Nguyen

Cuisine in the land of Martial Arts

  •   17/01/2018 08:12:36 AM
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Banh xeo tom nhay My cang

Binh Dinh is known as a sacred land, where harmonious combination of forests and the sea creates a mix of freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, giving Binh Dinh a diverse ecosystem with regional...


Experience interesting things at Dry Island

  •   02/02/2018 04:50:12 AM
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Overview of Dry Island; photo: BTPI center

Hon Kho island (Dry island), is one of 32 islands located near the coast of Binh Dinh province, about 16 km from Quy Nhon city center, in Hai Dong village, Nhon Hai commune. This is also a relatively...


Binh Dinh travel map

  •   03/07/2017 06:11:00 AM
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Thap Banh


  •   03/07/2017 06:25:00 AM
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Tháp Dương Long   Di tích cấp quốc gia đặc biệt

Binh Dinh has an ancient culture, if the North has Dong Son culture, the South has Oc Eo culture, Binh Dinh- centre of the Central Viet Nam has Sa Huynh culture- Truong Xe. Tobe inherited a vast and...

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