The tourism paradise wakes up

Sunday - 11/06/2017 22:28
Called with the name “ the land of martial arts- the heaven of literature”, development of tourism resources in Binh Dinh is very diversity that promises to bring a lot of emotions, excitement for visitors.

Up to 2015, Binh Dinh tourism remains as only awaiting potential exploration. By the time, with interest and facilitate maximum for tourism investment development of the provincial leaders, leaders of departments, promote the potential tourism of Binh Dinh on media, continuous participating in tourism events, largetourism fair in the country and abroad. Regularly organizes conferences and seminars to invite projects tourism investment large. With the continuous efforts and the advantages are available, the tourism paradise of Binh Dinh has really "wake up" after years of "sleeping".

In a general way, almost any field in Binh Dinh also get potential for tourism development.

Tháp Dương Long Di tích cấp quốc gia đặc biệt

On historical monuments, Binh Dinh has systematic Cham towers are considered as the most diverse in country with 8 clusters and 14 towers are relatively intact as: Twins, Duong Long, Banh It, Canh Tien (Fairy Wings)...; According to ancient documents, the Champa left also a large 4 building in Binh Dinh include: Thi Nai (Tuy Phuoc), Do Ban (An Nhon), Cha (An Nhon), Uat Tri (Tay Son) and a number of other small.

There are also museums like Quang Trung Museum, Synthesis Museum, Worship Temple; the temple of famous generals of Tay Son period, such as Bui Thi Xuan, Vo Van Dung ...;

Khu Điện thờ Tây Sơn Tam Kiệt Di tích cấp quốc gia đặc biệt

On spiritual, Binh Dinh has some very famous ancient temples attract many tourists like: Thap Thap pagoda (pagoda of 10 towers), Mr. Nui (Linh Phong pagoda), Long Khanh,  Nhan Son, Thien Hung ...;

On art : cultural celebrities such as Dao Tan, poet Han Mac Tu, Xuan Dieu ...;

On scenic places, Binh Dinh has such countless scenic area such as: Ghenh Rang Tien Sa,  ecological tourism Ham Ho, Picnic area Trung Luong, Xep Beach, Nhan Beach-Mount Tam Toa, Hot Springs Hoi Van,  FLC resort in Nhon Ly, pristine islands such as Cu Lao Xanh, Hon Kho ( Dry island), Hon Seo( Scar insland), Ky Co ... .;

Vẻ đẹp hoang sơ của thắng cảnh Eo Gió
vẻ đẹp khó tả của Eo Gió

On craft villages has one of the villages are very famous: Bau Da Wine village, An Thai Noodle village, Truong Cuu Gridle cake Village, bronze casting village, Wood carving village ...;

Làng nghề truyền thống Rượu Bàu đá

Traditional martial arts: Dōjō Phan Tho, Le Xuan Canh, Ly Xuan Hy, Ho Sung, Phi Long Vinh Dōjō...;

Võ cổ truyền Bình Định

It can be said that Binh Dinh is not inferior to any of local the potential development. Binh Dinh is a  tourism paradise has not been awakened to show his very own beauty.

Previously, the province does not have many amusement parks, entertainment to attractourist. System tours are thin, the amount of hotels is less, restricted transportation, while the distance between tours is too far to travel. Another difficulty that is airway, the best bridge to bring tourists to Binh Dinh, but one day only 2 flight - Binh Dinh to Hanoi and HCMC. Time flies too early or too late, getting tiring and unconvenient for travelers. Ticket prices remain high causing prices to Binh Dinh tour was the high price. The promotion is weak, the image, the tourism destination of Binh Dinh has not reach generally to public. Many services such as visiting villages, swimming – diving to see coral, mineral water baths, relaxation ... incomplete. Quy Nhon mains to arrival overnight.

But now, tourists come to Binh Dinh can stay in 4 to 5 days, but not go all the sights in town. The accommodation facilities, entertainment, sights, transportation systems, quality of service, served in Binh Dinh now been upgraded and improved significantly.

On transportation, Binh Dinh has finished upgrading National Route. 1A, are upgrading National Route 1D, 19, Dieu Tri railưay station and Phu Cat Airport, while the government takes the Phu Cat Airport becomes International Airport to transfer the tourists can be the most convenient. On infrastructure, the system of hotels from 3 to 4 stars as Seagull Hotel, Hotel Saigon - Quy Nhon Royal Resort, Hotel Hoang Yen ... large scale, and international standard rooms enough to serve international tourists.

Besides that, there are so many major corporations are investing in building hotels, resorts locally as FLC, Vingroup, Ton Hoa Sen ... In particular, the group FLC has built and inaugurated golf course, resort and luxury villas Nhon Ly FLC at the end of the month 7/2016 with total area of 170 ha, including 18-hole golf courses and resorts in the sea the first standard 7 stars  in Vietnam; luxury villas ecological tourism ... And Vingroup is actively implementing the construction of Hai Giang Vinpearl has a total area of over 600 hectares, a total investment of 3.500 billion expected, including items main course: 300 room 5 star hotel with villas system; green park area ...


October - 2015 Rough Guides travel magazine of UK has voted Quy Nhon is 1 in 3 new destinations in top of Southeast Asia, based on criteria with abundant delicious seafood, and wonderful sea city landscape. This coastal city deserves to be honored by having the beach right in the beautiful city with pristine crescent moon fascinating visitors. Across the street is opposite along the beach, numerous eateries made from fresh seafood is not awfully picky to retain the natural flavor. Many dishes are impressed visitors and also local specialties like Huynh De crab, jellyfish soup, fish ball noodles Quy Nhon ...

The beauty of the ancient Cham towers in Binh Dinh also give visitors a different feel. Early last year, Banh It tower (Tuy Phuoc commune) is a unique ancient architecture in Vietnam on the list "1,001 buildings have to come in the life" of a group of British authors.

31/12/2014 Temple Tay Son brothers  is ranked in special historic national level, this is the first special national relic of Binh Dinh. Besides, Binh Dinh also has one particular national monument, that is  Cham relics -Duong Long towers.

In addition, some destinations are very "hot" of Binh Dinh in recent years attract tourists such as: Garden Picnic area Trung Luong, Hon Kho (Dry Island) - Ky Co, Cu Lao Xanh ( Blue Island)…

According to statistics in 2016 that the first 9 months of Binh Dinh tourism achieved. According to which the total number of tourists to Binh Dinh reached 2.654 million, up 26% compared to the same period of 2015 (including international tourists was estimated at 210,000 were up 25%, domestic tourists was estimated at 2.445 million up 26% compared to the same period in 2015); The average staying period of tourists increased significantly, reaching 2,5 days / guests; total tourism revenue reached nearly 1,207 billion, an increase of 45% compared to the same period in 2015. This is encouraging information for Binh Dinh tourism development efforts in recent years. Binh Dinh is becoming the new destination of many tourists, gradually asserted Binh Dinh tourism brand on the tourist map inland and abroad.

Binh Dinh Tourism "wake up", which is a good signal for the development of the local economy, as well as marking the result of policies of the efforts of all levels and sectors in order Binh Dinh help the tourism industry grow in a fairly long time. However, we also need to have policies, orientation and strategies of tourism development more properly to Binh Dinh tourism industry to attract more investment to develop tourism and promote the full potential available, really become a tourism center of the central region and the tourism paradise in the tourists’ heart.

Source: Ngọc Thạch

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