Resort Casa Marina- The potential for tourism development in Quy Nhon- Binh Dinh

Resort Casa Marina- The potential for tourism development in Quy Nhon- Binh Dinh

 23:09 11/06/2017

Quy Nhon- Binh Dinh is known as spiritual local of human. One side is moutainous territory while the other is the vast sea making a great literati painting. Noiseless, no bustle like Sai Gon, no more gorgeous than Nha Trang, Quy Nhon keep for itself exquisite beauty, poetic with long and curved beach. Immense Thi Nai Lagoon, peacful Han Mac Tu poem’s tomb… All mixxing a tourism destination that you can not pass.
Binh Dinh- Hot destination but still extremely wild

Binh Dinh- Hot destination but still extremely wild

 23:03 11/06/2017

Different from other tourism destionations in Viet Nam where tobe explored exhausted, Binh Dinh is one of destination still keep itself’s wild and keep from being into the "cultural tourism". So instead of detailed planning for your trip, we recommend that you should go with a spirit of discovery. Then you will be startled that there is nothing but turns out to hidden countless new things.

Quy Hoa- Emotional destination

 22:44 11/06/2017

Located in the heart of city but people still called Quy Hoa village by that name for centuries has become familiar, hidden to the most simple of day life. Down the sloping slopes approximately 3km from the city center, I came back to visit Quy Hoa on a windy day. Immense wind around roads, blowing through the houses, through trees and leaves, through crispy laughter of baby lips. And the sea waves like whispering taking me looking backward to memories ...

The tourism paradise wakes up

 22:28 11/06/2017

Called with the name “ the land of martial arts- the heaven of literature”, development of tourism resources in Binh Dinh is very diversity that promises to bring a lot of emotions, excitement for visitors.
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Journey to find and advertise attractive tourist destinations in the country: Top 10 tourist spots in Binh Dinh

 21:42 06/06/2017

To nominate for Top 5, Top 10 or Top 20 tourist attractions in 63 provinces and cities nationwide and widely advertised on Vietnam portal record and Top Vietnam portal, Binh Dinh Department of Tourism proposed special tourist attractions, typical in the province (sorted by ABC)
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