Binh Dinh- Quy Nhon- An experienced day in Nhon Ly- Actor Huynh Anh

  •   04/07/2017 10:09:54 AM
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Nhon Ly- windy and sunny land but still shining brilliantly
Coming to Nhon Ly, tourists not only enjoy fresh seafood but also immense in the scene that only one in hillside of Eo Gio- “where to see the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam”
There is no reason to ignore an interesting and attractive journey like this!
Thap Banh

Binh Dinh- Mysterious beauty of Cham tower

  •   04/07/2017 10:08:28 AM
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Coming to Binh Dinh, tourist can “enjoy” indispensable “spiritual food”, that is mysterious vestige Cham towers which is according to the time line still kept in the martial arts land to this day. The Cham tower complex in Binh Dinh was chosen by many visitors as a major tourist destination which increases the cultural value and long history of this land.
Don’t hestitate to explore the ancient beauty of Banh It tower, Duong Long tower, Twins Tower, Fairy Wings tower!
chinh mun GSV Travel

Binh Dinh- Quy Nhon- Black Eel in Chau Truc Lagoon

  •   04/07/2017 10:07:34 AM
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Eels are availble in many places like estuaries, brakish lagoons, and shrimp ponds along the central coast and in Binh Dinh. Eels belong to eel fammily, but in larger size with some eels weigh several kilograms. Especially, black eels which are only found in Tra O lagoon, also be called Chau Truc lagoon in Phu My district, because its black skin like ebony wood, it is famous for being scented and delicious with high nutrious value.
Local people recalled that there was a Chinese man in Quy Nhon bought black eel to hung up, using rice flour to stroke viscous liquid. The rice flour with black eel’s viscous liquid used to make soup is the best. Therefore, no one buy a clear viscous eel. The fist value of eel is viscous liquid. Besides that, meat of eel can be simmered, fried, boiled and cooked soup but the most attractive is grilled and stemed. Black eel has been presented before 1975 in Chinatown’s restaurant in Sai Gon and other countries in the region.
Besides following processing, the local people aslo make eel wine by put a black eel into a wine jar for more 2 months, drink eel wine to treat kidney disease and back pain.
An art researcher who has lived in many countries said that: Chau Truc black eel can be compared to Lang Son Huong fish and Tay Ho carp (China) which are rare things that have been “certify” in list of aristocratic cuisine. He also said that his family was rich in Binh Dinh but just on death anniversary could only buy a piece of a black eel. That piece is center of solemnly tray of meal!

Binh Dinh- Quy Nhon- Brilliant Dry Island- Actor Huynh Anh

  •   04/07/2017 10:06:45 AM
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Dry Island is one of attractive destinations that attract many tourist inland and outland to visit, swim, and dive to see coral and enjoy seafood in every summer. Dry Island- An island in the middle of the sea carries the beauty of the wilderness, with the golden sand beach in the sun, blue water. Standing on the boat, tourist can see each flock of fish playing under the coral reef.
The appropriate time for visitors to visit Dry Island is from January to June (lunar year). The weather is calm, and sunny, the sea is clear, the wind is cool. Here, the sea level is very shallow, at low tide; it is easy for visitors to dive into the sea. Let’s go with actor Huynh Anh to experience and explore the "paradise island" with fresh seafood here!


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