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It is a long river about 3km which flows old forest with big stones in Tay Phu commune, Tay Son district and about 55km from Quy Nhon.

Ham Ho is famous for many fish, expecially in the flood season, fish from everywhere come to flock, full of water. Fish back upstream is thrown back like flying fish. Traditional folklore that: Every year, Long Vuong (King of Sea) organized an examination for fish at Ham Ho, which over the waterfall will be dragon, because of this, Ham Ho waterfall also has name Vu Mon (Rain Gate- fish become dragon), while the folk called Ca Bay waterfall (Flying fish waterfall). With a width of 30m, the river is full of majestic pillars of rocks as thousands of diamon glistening in the blue water. Along the river, tourists will see Hon Da Thanh (Thanh stone) - a cliff stading like a wall, green moss, covered roots. On the left of the wall there is a pile of stones causing the narrow river, so folk call this is God filling river. Over this river is Roi fish pond, it is always full of Roi fish here. Next one is a rock like crocodile lying in the middle of river, blocking the flowing of water to make bubbling so called Hon Trao (Trao stone). And there are many lively, soulful stone, by man-made legendary as Hon Vo Ruou, the footprint of Mr. Giant, Fairy Board, Hon Ong tao… the deeper going, the more interesting scenary, with forest flavor, birds singing… making a natural picture and ideal place for tourists to rest. Ham Ho is a place of history of Tay Son revolution and soldiers of Mai Xuan Thuong.

53 Ham Ho ( Tay Son Binh Dinh ) Anh Dao Tien Dat

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