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From Phu My town to My Tho commune, tourists will see a red reef, protruding toward to the sea 20m; at the center of reef, there is a blankspace, a big stone protrudes, water goes in and out like dragon drizzles white water. That is Vi Rong cape- a beautiful scene, attracting many tourist to visit.

63 Bai Bang ( Mui Vi Rong My Tho Phu My Binh Dinh ) Anh Dao Tien Dat(1)

According to the myth, the ancient Vi Rong Cape is a block, shaped like fish fin, called “Dragon Fin stone” by the local. In tang Dynasty, Cao Bien- a geographist specializing in fingding spiritual land to curse, came to find this Dragon Cape. Cao Bien knew spiritual air then he cut the dark spirit from the cape. When the cape was cut off, the dragon fins fell off and the shedding blood became small red rocks mixxing into the sand below. These rocks are very hard, and it turns into red color when being rubbed in water. The color does not stick hand; therefore, it is mystified as ink given by God. In the past, students came here to take the rocks home to make ink for their teacher. If tourists look close enough, they can still find these red rocks in the beach sand. When the sun comes down, the wntire scenery of beach rocks as Bai Ban, Da Dung, and Vi Rong- Tan Phung Cape looks like a gigantic dragon flying towards the ocean.

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