Meeting to share experiences and transfer results of projects VNM / SGP / OP5 / Y4 / STAR / 2015/03 project

Tuesday - 16/01/2018 02:14
On the morning of 05/01/2018 at Thanh Binh Hotel, Quy Nhon City, Fisheries Association of Binh Dinh province held a conference to summarize, share experiences and transfer the results of the project "Management, protection system coral reefs in coastal areas associated with community eco-tourism development in Nhon Hai Commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province "(Code: VNM / SGP / OP5 / Y4 / STAR / 2015/03) ).
This is a project supported by the Grants Program for Small Projects - Global Environmental Fund and approved by the PPC, Fisheries Association of Binh Dinh province joined in. Representatives of the GEF Global Environment Facility, Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography, Binh Dinh Association of Science and Technology Association, Binh Dinh Tourism Association, representatives of provincial departments, business representatives, community tourism agencies and media reporters attended.
Overview of Conferrence; Photo: BTPI center
According to Ms. Nguyen Hai Binh, Leader of professor team : In the course of implementation, the project has focused on assisting authorities and people to raise awareness, capacity, protect and exploit logically at the coast of Nhon Hai Commune; set up a model of community participation in management, monitoring and protection of coral reefs; The model of cooperative, public service, tourism and fishery business activities on the principle of business services for environmental protection and natural landscapes. In the area of ​​Nhon Hai Commune, there were 106 (including 23 female) staffs and local people were trained, study experiences. Over 900 people, including staffs, citizens and students of Nhon Hai Commune, participated in community and media events on coral reef protection and marine ecosystems.
Ms. Nguyen Hai Binh - Leader of professor team; Photo: BTPI center
Since its official launch in July 2016 and ending the 2017 tourism season, the project has basically accomplished the following objectives: through communication activities, government training and people understands the importance of the project, is equipped with basic knowledge and skills to carry out the management, protection and exploitation of coral reefs; community-based model of management and monitoring was conducted in the 2.1ha area, the coral reef group was established with 8 members; A model of cooperatives for public services, tourism and fisheries has been put into operation since July 2016 with 12 members representing 10 households for tourism business. The members have invested in building 01 restaurant, 05 tourist boats, 01 floating boat for guided coral reefs and guiding visitors.
The desire of the project members to continue to promote and maintain the results in the coming years to further enhance the role, position and responsibility of the PPC in the state management. on fisheries activities in the area under management. Raising the awareness of local communities in the protection and development of fisheries resources, which attach interests in fishery exploitation, production and trading with the responsibility to protect fisheries resources, by themselves. to commit violations. Strengthen the model of community participation in management, monitoring and protection of coral reefs to develop community-based ecotourism, contributing to job creation and gender equality in Nhon Hai Commune.

Author: Thanh Trung - BTPI Center

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