Dong Da Festival- Tay Son Binh Dinh

Monday - 12/06/2017 10:29
228 years ago, also in 5th Tet of the Rooster year- 1789, Tay Son Brothers and literal, martial arts generals temperament speedy, mighty drove 29 thousand ManQing invaders from our country and reunion in a relationship. To commemorate and appreciate the merits of Tay Son Brothers and literal, martial arts generals. On 28.12.2016 People’s Committee issued decision approving the plan to hold 228-years anniversary of Victory in Ngoc Hoi - Dong Da (1789-2017).
Back to history, in 1788, in the context of being threatened by the revolt of the people took place around the throne and to consolidate his power, King Le Chieu Thong has decided to ask for King Thanh period Can Long then inherent ploy to invade our country since a long time. Tobe ask for help of the king of the South, King Can Long was immediately appointed Governor-General Luong Quang Ton Si Nghi dominate of 29 Armies divided into 4 massive braches entered the Thang Long invaded our country. Thanh Armies entered to Thang Long did not encounter any major resistance from the Vietnamese army and people of the country, Ton Si Nghi has arrogantly declared: By the 6th Tet will be invading straight to Tay Son’s lair.
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Receiving emergency information, December 22nd 1788, October 25th lunar, the hero Nguyen Hue was proclaimed King, named as Quang Trung dominated the army to northern fight Thanh Invasion. At night 4th, 5th dawn Year of the Rooster (on 29, 30 February , 1789) Tay Son army was suddenly entered to Hanoi defeated Khuong Thuong enemy fort that Minister Sam Nghi Dong of Thanh period  is to be hanged suicide at Oc Mount( Shell Mount)  ( at Loa Son) near Boc temple now. The battle opened the victory way for Tay Son army from Ngoc Hoi entered to Thang Long 
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In the framework of the festival will take place 2 parts: celebration and festival

1. Celebration:

- Incense offering at Dai Kinh Thien.

+Time: At 14:30, 4th ofTet.

- Incense offering at Tay Son Brothers’ parents Temple at Go Lang Relic.

+ Time: at 15:30, 4th of Tet.

- Flower offering ceremony - offer incense at the Quang Trung Museum

+ Time: at 16:00, 4th of Tet

2. Festival:

- The synthesis of art and martial arts to celebrate 228 years of Victory Ngoc Hoi - Dong Da.

January 31st 2017  (4th of Tet, performing after the show flower offering ceremony, incense offering) at the theater on the campus of Quang Trung Museum.

- Organisation of ancient folk Bai Choi

Takes place in 03 days (from 30th , 31st of January  and February 1st 2017 (from 3rd to 5th of Tet) on the campus of Quang Trung Museum

- The performances of Binh Dinh musical Bai Choi

From 19:00 January 31st 2017  (4th of Tet) at the theater on the campus of Quang Trung Museum.

- Performing Arts Program of Dao Tan Theatre

From 19:00 February 1st 2017 (5th of Tet ) at the theater on on the campus of Quang Trung Museum

- Performance of folk games

From January 30th  to February 1st 2017 (from 3rd to 5th of Tet)  at C area (corner of East - South) and inside the Quang Trung Museum.

- Cultural activities, other sports

From the morning of February 1st 2017  (5th of Tet) in Rong  House in Quang Trung Museum; holding the traditional sports exam (tug, push sticks, lion dance ...).

- Activities at Memorial Nguyen Sinh Sac at Binh Khe District monuments

- A number of cultural activities and sports take place in Tay Son districts.

Today to attend Dong Da festival - Tay Son Binh Dinh to the visitors as well as the spring has become an indispensable demand in the first days of spring. Dong Da Festival - Tay Son is a spiritual culture, especially nurtured love to the homeland in the hearts of Vietnamese.



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