Quy Nhon Beach is crowded swimmers on May 5th

Monday - 12/06/2017 11:34
Every year on May 5th lunar year is called Tet Đoan Ngọ or Tet Đoan Dương (Tet kill the worms), people together go to beach to delete all unluck in whole year , bring health, security and luck. Just like every year, today in May 30th, 2017 (May 5th lunar calender) Quy Nhon city beaches are crowded with people and visitors to swim.
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Citizen and tourists swim to delete unluck
Under the shining sunlight of the Central, temperature outside is almost 38-39 C degree, but people still stretches from Ghenh Rang beach to the monument of victory.\
According to some local people, from early morning to late evening Quy Nhon beach is always crowded. Peak is at noon (12 noon), thousands of people, old, young, boys, girls, everyone drowned into the sea. This is the way to "kill insects" to get rid of disease, so many people also carry plastic cans to get water to friends, relatives.
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Source: Thanh Trung- BTPI center; Photo: BTPI center

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