Cu Lao Xanh (blue island) lighthouse is in top 5 of the most famoust lighthouses over 100 years

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 Cu Lao Xanh (Blue Island) is one of four commune islands and penisulas near Xuan Dai Ba, Nhon Chau communem 24km from Quy Nhon city in Southeast. If tourists take a boat from Ham Tu pier, it takes 50 minutues by high speed ships and about 120 minutes by boats of fishermen in calm wave. The island is wide about 3,5km2, but charming and wild. Between 2 bays of Quy Nhon and Xuan Dai bay so Cu Lao Xanh is a strategic position in coastal defense.

For the first time to the island, tourusts are amazed, amused by the beauty here. With the curving green moutains, natural stones overlapping beautifully, coral reefs, and spectacular rocks in front of waves. This is an ideal destination for tourists who loveb ecploring natural destination.

Đảo Cù Lao Xanh với ngọn hải đăng kỳ vĩ

Hidden rocks undulating in the middle of sea

Especially, that’s a big shortcoming if tourists visit Cu Lao Xanh but do not visit Lighthouse. In 1890, a ship was crashed into hidden rocks and sunken in Quy Nhon sea, French decided to buil a lighthouse in Cu Lao Xanh, named Poulo Gambir. The lighthouse was built in French colonical architecture, the entire was built by big stones, and walls are thicker than 1m.

According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Kha- vice of the lighthouse station said: construction of the lighthouse includes 4 main sections, allocated harnious and reasonable. From the foot to the top, Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse is 19m high. The foot section includes 32 steps which built of brick; the body is cylinder, there is a spiral stair with 59 steps inside. This is one of the ealiest and the most modern lighthouse to be built in Viet Nam.

Những bãi đá ngầm nhấp nhô giữa biển

Cu Lao Xanh island with the majestic lighthouse

Majestical lighthouse is the best symbol of spirit for people in Cu Lao Xanh with the ocean wave whole year. Through ups and downs of history, the lighthouse is always light and helps positioning of fishing boats in the sea of Binh Dinh and neighboring sea area of South central. Therefore, the lighthouse is called “devine eyes” of the sea. In addition it also has an important purpose to determine the country’s sovereignty. At nighr, from the coast of Quy Nhon, overlooking to the sea, tourists can see the lighthouse as hidding and magic, mystery among sparkling lights as flower lanterns.

Besides the lighthouse is house which was built for a French officer, now it is used as Cu Lao Xanh’s lighthouse. This house is 2 floors, 10m wide, 40m long, 16 rooms, was built of bricks, walls are thick about half of meter and foudation of house was built by rocks. Especially, there is a rainwater storage system never running out of. Rainwater is collected on the rooftop and flow through pipe system (dust and garbage filter) into the deep pool in the last basement is very clear and fresh.

On the date of October, 31st, 2014, Communist Youth Union Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam Student Association organized inauguration of National flagpole on the island. This is the first flagpole in 7 National flagpoles built in islands near the shore of country by Communist Youth Union Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam Student Association built. This contributes to determine the sovereighty the island of Nation; it is also educational place, training patriotic spirit of youth; place to visiting, traveling meaningfully for citizen and tourists.

Especially, on November 22nd 2014, Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse was honorably voted in top 5 of the most famous lighthouses over 100 years by record organization of Viet Nam.

Hải đăng Cù Lao Xanh được tổ chức kỷ lục Việt Nam xác lập kỷ lục

Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse is organized record organization of Viet Nam.

 Standing on the lighthouse, tourists can overlook the entire peacful fishing village along the beach. Looking further is the immense landscape of blue sea and yellow sand.

On the other hand, standing from top of moutain which is under the lighthouse looing down, Cu Lao Xanh is pretty as a picture with blue color stretching from swaying coconts in the wind, spreading to young trees along the beach and the endless sea. Front beach is white and smooth sand to the mainland, where people on the island live. And back beach is rocky. Giaint rocks stacked up throughout the years to cope with the wind and roaring waves. In the distant is the foam waves bounce tobe a white beach.

From the lighthouse, down to the northwest is Suoi Tien. The name comes from a legend has it that: in the past, in the moonlight night, fairies from the sky fly to streams to sightseeing, swimming and playing then back to the sky. Coming here, tourists take a bath in the stream to feel the sweet taste of pure spring and salty taste of sea in the air.

According to a long road about 3km with flowers to the north of Cu Lao Xanh, tourists will be spoiled watching the rocks of all shapes, looking dancing feet of sea birds to disappear actually to beautiful nature. There is a small sandy beach where turtles lay eggs and if lucky, tourists will have opportunity to see young turtles crawl on the sand to back the sea. Tourists should bring a fishing- rod to rest on the cliff and set the fishing-rod or wading in the water to catch some shells. Collecting firewood, barbecue there, tourists will have relaxed time with friends and relatives.

 Watching the sunset over the bridge in the afternoon, tourists will be ecstatic at the sight of islanders sitting and mending their nets by the sea, children play, jump waves and fishing boat in the distant in a peacful afternoon.

Do not know since ever, lighthouse in particular and Cu Lao Xanh Island in general has become a place not to be missed for those who love to explore wild nature. Tourists come to be immersed into the blue sky, blue sea and a green isle.

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