Eo Gio (Nhon Ly) - the most beautiful dawn in Vietnam

Tuesday - 16/01/2018 14:56
To be known as "the most beautiful dawn in Vietnam", along with the privilege of nature give here a strait of green, with the rocky mountain ranges bend a whole sea, scenic Eo Wind seems to have conquered the guests for the first time to reach this destination.
Tourists visit Eo Gio; Photo: BTPI Center
Tourists visit Eo Gio; Photo: BTPI Center
Eo Gio is located in Ly Luong village, Nhon Ly Commune, about 20km northeast of Qui Nhon city, next to Quy Nhon FLC ecological resort. The name Eo Gio has long been reserved by locals because of its characteristic terrain, such as the saddle, which lies between two high mountains, close to the sea - hence the name Eo Gio. Eo Gio is wild, wonders by the high mountains and strange shapes reaching out to the sea, embracing a full circle to form a strait wind, waves clapping to each other on the foot of the mountain.
Men follow the steps down to the foot of the rocky roads, which people here call it lay stones, with stones of all shapes and colors vivid. Next to the coral reefs show up in the clear blue water. If you look closely, you can see the fish swimming under the cool water. Guests can choose to swim at the coral reef or watch the colorful coral reefs in clear water as transparent glass.
To admire the poetic and majestic landscape of Quy Nhon sea in the early morning, visitors should camp overnight to welcome the sunrise to enjoy the beautiful sunrise on the top of Mount Eo Gio, watching the sun rise up from the horizon, bring a green life full of life. From the top of the mountain to see the vast land of heaven, the deep blue sea vast heaven, the wonderful curves of Eo Gio embrace the sea in the heart.
Wide view of the distance, visitors can see the whole view of Nhon Ly island commune as located under his feet. At first sight is the fishermen fishing, the left is Ngoc Hoa Monastic - with the largest statue of Buddha Quan Yin in Vietnam, far away is Phuoc Sa Pagoda - the temple has beautiful architecture, sacred and statues Guan Yin on the top of the mountain overlooking the sea as a belief bring luck to fishermen in the area. All intertwined amid the vast sea of ​​heaven, creating a beautiful scenic Eo Gio as "heaven".
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Eo Gio; Photo: BTPI Center
Exploring Eo Gio is suitable for both individual travelers or groups. If you go alone, you can take a stroll looking at the clear blue sea and then choose a large rocky sky, hear the waves blast with the strong winds on the strait or conquer the stairs on the mountain to spectacular panoramic sea Nhon Ly. If you travel with a group, you can camp overnight for the dawn or choose a large area with green lawns near the foot of the mountain to make a small picnic with prepared meals. Sitting on the green lawn, the wind blowing crescendo look into the vast sea, just sip a little chat with friends, ask what fun than that. All will be enjoyable experiences when you come to Eo Gio - Nhon Ly. Do not forget to explore the cuisine of this land, with fresh seafood, shrimp, crab, fish, squid, snails ... 
Have a visit to Eo Gio to feel the beauty of nature, preserve the beautiful photos and feel the friendliness and hospitality of the fishing village people.

Author: Le Chi - BTPI Center

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