Banh xeo tom nhay My cang

Cuisine in the land of Martial Arts

 14:12 17/01/2018

Binh Dinh is known as a sacred land, where harmonious combination of forests and the sea creates a mix of freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, giving Binh Dinh a diverse ecosystem with regional products. The area is extremely rich with many delicious specialties, nourishing attractive visitors inside and outside the country when coming to Binh Dinh. Among them, there are some famous dishes such as fermented pork of Huyen Market, My Cang jumping Shrimps pancakes , Quy Nhon roasted fish with vermicelli, Bau Da Wines, It cakes with pinnate leaves...
Binh Dinh- Hot destination but still extremely wild

Binh Dinh- Hot destination but still extremely wild

 10:03 12/06/2017

Different from other tourism destionations in Viet Nam where tobe explored exhausted, Binh Dinh is one of destination still keep itself’s wild and keep from being into the "cultural tourism". So instead of detailed planning for your trip, we recommend that you should go with a spirit of discovery. Then you will be startled that there is nothing but turns out to hidden countless new things.
Online conference summarizing the work of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2017 and deployment in 2018

Online conference summarizing the work of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2017 and deployment in 2018

 07:34 17/01/2018

On the morning of January 11th, 2018, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a conference to review the work in 2017 and deploy the task of Culture - Sports - Tourism in 2018 in Da Nang city. The conference is held online at three places: Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam has attended and directed the conference at Hanoi online spot.
Tourists visit Eo Gio; Photo: BTPI Center

Eo Gio (Nhon Ly) - the most beautiful dawn in Vietnam

 14:56 16/01/2018

To be known as "the most beautiful dawn in Vietnam", along with the privilege of nature give here a strait of green, with the rocky mountain ranges bend a whole sea, scenic Eo Wind seems to have conquered the guests for the first time to reach this destination.
Thành Hoàng Đế; Tg Nguyễn Thị Quyên

Emperor Palace- historical relic ups and downs

 14:40 16/01/2018

The Emperor Palace is one of the famous historical relics of Binh Dinh Province associated with three historical periods: Champa Kingdom, Tay Son Dynasty and Nguyen Dynasty. The Palace is located on the territory of Nhon Hau commune and Dap Da town, An Nhon commune is 20km from Quy Nhon city in northwest. The Emperor Palace was listed National relic by Ministry of culture- Information in 1982.
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